cherenkov linux

... is the "different" linux distribution and way of installing and using linux; 
based on gentoo but other than gentoo, cherenkov linux is extremly simple and 
fast to install on almost every x86_64 device! as any of the common distributions, 
most of the applications required by the advanced user, are already installed 
and ... fully configured.

cherenkov linux is build not with beginners in mind but advanced user and someone 
who want to save time installing gentoo without going through the different stages. 
beginners do can install the distribution but note that graphical interfaces 
are rather rare in cherenkov linux. bash and vi is the standard! 

cherenkov linux does offer access to a graphical interface through vnc, 
it also works as the basis for a powerful workstation, just will require little 
setup from you. 


note: there's really no copyright on this website. anything can be copied, used again, 
multiplied, printed or converted into any form. but remember; common sense applies here: if you break your system 
or delete your data; it's your own fault!

basic features

cherenkov linux can be used for many purposes and fit slip into many roles. 

file server accessible through smb, nfs or webdav with strong hard-disk encryption (luks) build in
apache webserver with php support and mysql server (lamp)
youtube download server (firefox + youtube-dl)
graphical secure remote browsing trough vnc
anonymous browsing server with german, canadian, u.s. located servers
full tor support for remote or local browsing
all capable dns server (bind)
several authentication mechanism possible, smb, nis+, sasl, ldap and more
upnp server for audio and video streaming to your upnp client (android, windows, mac/ios or linux)
full smtp and imap email (sendmail + courier)
ntp time server and ntp client support
remote access through openvpn or webdav
media services with vlc or kodi preferably through hdmi plugged into the cherenkov server

cherenkov linux is build to support the most of your daily operations
but can be transformed into anything (really anything)

latest version with kernel 5.10.15
cherenkov server download


quick installation through script (installs fixed onto sda) 

wget http://cherenkov.org/downloads/installer
wget http://cherenkov.org/downloads/installer.nas

installer using 3 partition system /boot / and swap
installer.nas using 4 partion /boot / and swap with all free diskspace (-40gb) into /srv/nas)

manual installation (required for efti or special filesystem layouts which not install on sda or require larger storage incl. raid)