Cherenkov Linux

Cherenkov Linux ...

... Is the "different" Linux Distribution and way of installing using Linux;
Based on Gentoo but other than Gentoo, Cherenkov Linux is extremly simple and fast to install on almost any x86_64 Device!

As any of the common Distributions, most of the applications required by the advanced User, are already installed and ... configured.

Cherenkov Linux is not for the beginner but advanced user - someone who want to save time installing Gentoo without going through the different stages. Beginners do can install the Distribution but note that graphical interfaces are rather rare in Cherenkov Linux. Bash and vim is the standard!

Cherenkov Linux does offer access to a graphical interface through vnc, it also works as the basis for a powerful workstation, just will require little setup from you.

Searching Google for sample config files for programs wont be needed as most of the services already got a workable configuration.

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